Press Release in the Brixham News – 31st December 2020

Back in 2018 I was offered the opportunity to partake in the “Master Key -Master Mind Alliance” 2018. Although I had experienced reasonable success with my Home Network Marketing business, this was never going to help me fulfil my dreams, without a change of direction. I needed help. 

I had worked with Mark and Davene on their Grow 90 Grow system, and felt that the MKMMA system would be my turning point, and they accepted me on board. 

Following a holiday back in August 1977, I had fallen on love with Brixham in Devon. I promised that I would one day live in this lovely idyllic town. While holidaying some years later in 2018 in that very town, my heart was completely won over by this so warm and friendly town. I made plans straight away to be living in the house of my dreams in Brixham, before the end of 2020. 


With my previous plan, I really could not have guaranteed that I would be living in the house of my dreams. Unfortunately my plan was built with sand. Well anyway that is now history, because now I have the home that I deserve, in the most beautiful parts of England. 

Already I have a great circle of new friends. These lovely people are constantly introducing me to new friends, which leading to invites to join various groups involved in theatre, taking pride in Brixham, trips to shows in London, cycling, fishing trips, walking groups, plus many other local events like the heritage fishing boat races, and trawler boat races.

Well, now that time has passed and I am living the dream. Getting up each morning when I wake (the alarm has been recycled), taking the dogs for walks down to one of the many bays along this lovely coast line. Life really is very amazing.

Thanks so much to Mark, Davene and the team, and over here in the UK to the lovely Naila who has helped to keep me on the straight and narrow of the wonderful Master Key – Master Mind Alliance 2018. Although there has been a lot of work involved to qualify at the end of the 6 month course, the work is so worth for anybody wishing to turn their life around.