Week 24 – Master Key 2018

Having reached the last week which is Week 24 – Master Key 2018 I have to admit to some apprehension about what comes next, although I do have a great Mastermind going with Rob Tolchard, who lives not far from

Week 11 – MKMMA 2018

I am looking forward to getting back into our regular weekly Sunday webinars in Week 11 of the Master Key 2018 It was great to get back on track with Sundays webinar, especially as there was a catch-up with weeks

Week 10 – MKMMA 2018

I cannot believe we are already into week 10 of the Master Key 2018. I have really loved Scroll 2, and found it very positive. I have carried forward “I greet this day with love, and I succeed. Scroll 3

Week 9 – Master Key 2018

The further I get into the Master Key, the more interesting and exciting it gets.  Now we are in to Week 9 Master Key 2018 Mark suggested using my audio in my fitness cabin whilst doing my exercise. I also decked out

Week 8 – Master Key 2018

Now doing Week 8 Master Key 2018, and finding things are starting to click into shape. It makes me think of when many people refer to successful people as being lucky, when actually they just worked harder to achieve their

Week 7 – MKMMA 2018

I have my new home in Brixham, Devon very clearly in my mind. It is clear and very beautiful, and I have pictures all around me. so the image is clear and clean-cut. All plans are in place, and I

Week 6 – MKMMA 2018

Often people give their opinion on subjects they know little about. Because it is challenging and interesting, it is usually better to keep our opinions to ourselves. It can often be more interesting to watch others state their opinions.  It

Week 5 – MKMMA 2018

Hello All, I am finding there is plenty in the Master Key Master Mind 2018 to keep my mind focused. This amazing course definitely throws up some challenges. One stands out for me was with regards to the subject of

Week 3 – Master Key 2018

Having a great guide, Naila Din, on this amazing course of the Master Key 2018 really helps to focus my mind, as I know I am not alone trying to find my new path. Unfortunately my wife thinks that self-development