Week 24 – Master Key 2018

Having reached the last week which is Week 24 – Master Key 2018 I have to admit to some apprehension about what comes next, although I do have a great Mastermind going with Rob Tolchard, who lives not far from

Week 22A – Master Key 2018

I am grateful for still being in the this great system in Week 22A – Master Key 2018 Possibly the best part is being in a mastermind with Rob Tolchard, we have been able to help each other with a

Week 22 – Master Key 2018

I now have nervous anticipation of what happens after week 24, the final week of the Master Key Experience. So here is Week 22 – Master Key 2018 and still the old blueprint rears its ugly head, even id only

Week 21 – Master Key 2018

Now we are on Week 21 – Master Key 2018 and I think the main message is we must always be moving forward. There is no standing still, in this case we are moving backwards. In the last analysis there

Week 20 – MKMMA 2018

For Week 20 – MKMMA 2018 and the rest of the month of February we are reading scroll 5 from Og Mandino’s Greatest Salesman in the World, these words I find so powerful. I live this day as if it

Week 19 – Master Key 2018

This is Week 19 – Master Key 2018 we are learning that Fear is a powerful form of thought. It paralyses the nervous system, which affects the circulation of blood. this in turn paralyses the muscular system, so therefore fear

Week 17 – Master Key 2018 = Hero’s Journey

Going back to earlier lessons this week has been very powerful for me, especially week 9. Being on Week 17 Hero’s Journey – Master Key 2018 it has been very refreshing to travel back to weeks 9 & 10 and

Week 6 – MKMMA 2018

Often people give their opinion on subjects they know little about. Because it is challenging and interesting, it is usually better to keep our opinions to ourselves. It can often be more interesting to watch others state their opinions.  It

Week 5 – MKMMA 2018

Hello All, I am finding there is plenty in the Master Key Master Mind 2018 to keep my mind focused. This amazing course definitely throws up some challenges. One stands out for me was with regards to the subject of