Going back to earlier lessons this week has been very powerful for me, especially week 9. Being on Week 17 Hero’s Journey – Master Key 2018 it has been very refreshing to travel back to weeks 9 & 10 and really implant them in a much stronger way..

My answer to the question “How can each of us all be the Greatest Salesman in the World”? Was along the lines that we are all unique, so we will each sell in accordance with our individual character and personality. After all there has never been another with all my various attributes, so no-one can possibly reason or think like me. I am natures greatest miracle, persisting and winning.

I have had a successful week, so although it may have taken me some time to really get my teeth into this process, I win in the end. My journey is getting there.

TS Royalist in Brixham Harbour
TS Royalist sailing from Brixham Harbour
Week 17 – Master Key 2018 = Hero’s Journey

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