I have my new home in Brixham, Devon very clearly in my mind. It is clear and very beautiful, and I have pictures all around me. so the image is clear and clean-cut. All plans are in place, and I am living in this house. This is permanent, and most definitely solid and idealised in my mind. So I know that my harvest is reaped before years end 2020.

My Motivation

Also my harvests are ongoing in that lovely town of Brixham, with so many activities that are of real interest to me. Weeks of events including pirate days, trawler racing, and heritage trawler races too. The friends I have made in the area have also moved there from other parts of the UK, because of the friends they made there whilst on holidays and visits. 

My Dream Board

In every direction there are endless varieties of walks, into the beautiful countryside, and my favourite walks which along the South West coastal paths. I am always drawn there in whatever weather is happening in any moment. The storms are exciting, whilst the crystal clear sea, with lovely blue skies are equally attractive to me.

I have never found a town anywhere in the UK with such an abundance of fish restaurants, they are almost door to door. On a previous TV program named “The Fish Town”, one of the fish restaurant owners commented that the town should just have a very long table going straight through the town, making it like a giant restaurant.

All this would not have been possible without the focus and direction I have received from taking part in the Master Key Experience 2018

Week 7 – MKMMA 2018

One thought on “Week 7 – MKMMA 2018

  • 19/11/2018 at 02:56

    Fantastic PPN’s and Dream board, i like your enthusiasm and enjoyed looking at the board. Keep believing in your subconscious mind and more will be coming to you. Thanks for sharing your dream board John.


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