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I am finding there is plenty in the Master Key Master Mind 2018 to keep my mind focused. This amazing course definitely throws up some challenges. One stands out for me was with regards to the subject of giving opinions. I am presently reading a book from our Book of the Month club, namely Daring Greatly by Brene Brown. It’s a book on vulnerability, which I find very interesting. My wife commented, “Are you Daring Greatly?” “It’s too late to do that!” I replied ‘It’s never too late.’ My wife always looks on the ‘realistic’ side of things in life, and says self-development is a waste of time. It is just so easy to get into being judgemental, and stating my opinion.

Watching myself thinking about stating my opinions is quite eye-opening to say the least.

My other challenge is my ongoing way of referring to ‘we’ and ‘us’, instead of ‘I’ and ‘me’. the lovely Naila, my guide, is doing a brilliant job of keeping on my case. It seems to me that it must be like trying to stop or turn an oil tanker at full speed, with Naila being my anchor.

My PPN’s are presently Liberty and Helping Others. It seems I may need to rethink the Helping Others option, possibly for Legacy. The way I have been using Helping Others, is actually altruistic. so now rethinking my PPN’s

Week 5 – MKMMA 2018

5 thoughts on “Week 5 – MKMMA 2018

  • 29/10/2018 at 23:05

    Hi John, I am Tilahun 2018 MKMMA Blog Rover. Been following your progress and you have a great blog and interest challenging your thoughts and moving away from the cement to freedom. Congratulation

  • 21/12/2018 at 17:40

    Tha journey simplifies many things, for me the need for more stuff, suddenly changed, I enjoy what I have and what is important to me now is my relationships, woohoo the cement is cracking.


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