Week 7 – MKMMA 2018

I have my new home in Brixham, Devon very clearly in my mind. It is clear and very beautiful, and I have pictures all around me. so the image is clear and clean-cut. All plans are in place, and I

Week 6 – MKMMA 2018

Often people give their opinion on subjects they know little about. Because it is challenging and interesting, it is usually better to keep our opinions to ourselves. It can often be more interesting to watch others state their opinions.  It

Week 5 – MKMMA 2018

Hello All, I am finding there is plenty in the Master Key Master Mind 2018 to keep my mind focused. This amazing course definitely throws up some challenges. One stands out for me was with regards to the subject of

Week 4 – Master Key 2018

I am having a few challenges setting up a blogroll, but for sure it is going to be sorted soon. It is always good to be challenged. I am learning so many new things about myself. There is so much

Week 3 – Master Key 2018

Having a great guide on this amazing course of the Master Key 2018 really helps to focus my mind, as I know I am not alone trying to find my new path. Unfortunately my wife thinks that self-development is a

Week 2 – Master Key 2018

Master Key 2018 is definitely life changing, although there is plenty for me to do to repair over 73 years of bad habits. I am not going to fail in this, even though I finding it tough keeping up with

Week 1 – Master Key 2018 – Making A Fresh Start – Never Too Late To Do That

For a few years now I have struggled to move forward with my UK Home Business. This week I have started anew on myself. My business is fantastic, any issues have been caused by my lack of motivation, and procrastination.