Now doing Week 8 Master Key 2018, and finding things are starting to click into shape. It makes me think of when many people refer to successful people as being lucky, when actually they just worked harder to achieve their just reward. 

I love the scenario of the Battleship, and then working it backwards to find its actual origins, and how that includes us in its beginnings. I found this a very interesting concept, and it made me think of other instances of where we might have been involved in any creations. 

Where I Stated in Puffin Burrow, in Port Mellon, Cornwall

My living in Brixham, has come about because of spending parts of my life in other seaside locations. The most notable for me was when I lived in Southsea, which is a major part of the southern city of Portsmouth, in England. Even walking along the promenade in strong stormy conditions brings back great memories of the mix the heavy rains and waves crashing in symphony against the seawalls and pebble beaches. I was getting soaked, but it felt so great and leaves me with a warm fuzzy glow. I lived with my parents in that area at that time, but just cannot forget such a memorable time, over fifty years ago.

Port Mellon in Cornwall

On more recent times, on a holiday in Cornwall when I had holidayed in a lovely cottage right on the shoreline, it was amazing to watch waves of sea water crash over the seawalls. Of course I also enjoy the great weather we also get in England in these lovely locations.

Earl of Pembroke in Charlestown

I am drawn to the sea in many places across the South of England, but Brixham for me tops them all. I don’t need much reminding of my love for Brixham, wow it is just amazing! Now its my home town. 

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Week 8 – Master Key 2018

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