Often people give their opinion on subjects they know little about. Because it is challenging and interesting, it is usually better to keep our opinions to ourselves.

It can often be more interesting to watch others state their opinions.  It seems best to be watchful for situations where one is being either opinionated or judgemental.

Identifying with colours and shapes is something I haven’t found easy, when looking around. Magnetic coloured shapes bought from eBay, have now been placed around the home. Association with these colours and shapes is now much easier.

Having struggled on the creative and imaginative of dreams, I tend to be more on the auditory side of connecting with things. It is good to see that this is being approached from all sensory areas within the Master Key.

Getting to know my stranger better, is something I look forward to.

MasterKey MMA 2018 is getting very exciting now we are getting into week 6. It all makes complete sense now, and I am starting to see why we are doing some of the stuff required.

The latest Fit-Bit Surge fashion accessory, having had it adapted more suitably for the direction now being taken.
North by North West, in the South West of England, is the only way. By the way, what is the time?

There are now small copies of “The Movie” used as bookmarks. This helps with the awareness of my DMP & PPN’s, and are placed in all the books currently being read.

The “Guy in the Glass” poem is very powerful for me.

It is insightful for finding out how others take in information. A great tool  for finding out how others receive information is “7 ways people learn”.

The way things are taught within Master Key MMA 2018 may appear childish to some. For sure there are things that we may learn from younger people.

As a result of having our dreams stolen from us as children, we have a duty to ourselves to relearn how to dream.

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Week 6 – MKMMA 2018

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